Prayers – Regent Theatre

I was honored with the opportunity to photograph the Cholo Goths I met my 6th day living in Los Angeles, CA at their second show on their new album’s tour, Baptism of Thieves. Leafer Seyer and Dave Parley of  Prayers is innovating our culture through their image and musical contributions. The show was held at the Regent theatre.  There was a line around the block of fans waiting to get in and experience the magic of their performance. To show their appreciation and love for their fans they allowed them to be on stage towards the end of the show. The passion their fans have for their music is very deep and if you try to get in one’s view of the show they will get extremely upset with you. After I tried getting shots from the crowd I found it in my best interest to get on stage with the young gods. This show was also special because they brought Kat Von D out on stage to perform their song together, Black Leather. Stay tuned for a recap video of this experience. Until then, enjoy the photos below…

Photos by: Candace Cunard “The Goddess”






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