KidsinReverse x Standard Sounds

Thursday | May 8th The Standard, Downtown LA 550 S. Flower Street ____________________________ PHOTO EXHIBITIONS Cameron McCool ( ) Snap Lord ( ) ____________________________ VISUALS Brilliant Garcia ( ) ____________________________ LIVE Rare Times ( ) VCR monster ( ) ____________________________ DJ SET SVM ( )

KidsinReverse x Dvnny Seth

Photos by Cameron McCool Styled by Kyle Pak & Ann-Marie Hoang Glasses by Versace (Vintage) Leather Jacket by New Age Button up by Disney (Vintage) Jeans by KsubuiShoes by Unif Glasses by Jean Paul Gaultier Jacket & Duffle by Chanel Pants by H&M Shoes by Polo

KidsinReverse x Photogenics Mag – The Outsider

Photography : Cameron McCool Styling : Kyle Blackmon Hair & Makeup : Kiki E. Model : Luke Baines

KidsinReverse x Aurielle Rounsaville

Photography : Cameron McCool Styled : Kiki E. & Cameron McCool Hair & Makeup : Kiki E. Model : Aurielle Rounsaville

Giza for ODD

Ruptures – Junebloom

Ruptures – Grey

Ruptures is going on a west coast tour in January. Click Here to see if they will be in your city. Also Make sure to Listen & Download to their new EP Deadbloom