Ho99o9 – P.O.W.

First of a three part video series. P.O.W. (Prisoners of War) & No Regrets off the new “Horrors of 1999” EP out June 9th. Directed by: Behn Fannin | http://behnfannin.com Executive Producer: Family | http://familyartists.com http://ho99o9.com http://facebook.com/ho99o9 http://instagram.com/ho99o9 http://twitter.com/ho99o9 http://soundcloud.com/ho99o9

Ho99o9 – Casey Jones / Cum Rag

Ho99o9 are the Los Angeles by way of New Jersey duo that breathe new life into classic punk. Informed by thrash, hardcore, and hip-hop, and inspired by GG Allin’s physically confrontational performances, “Casey Jones / Cum Rag” sees the anarchic duo performing at a club in the industrial outskirts of the city. As a nod […]